Welcome to BreadMilkBeerCigarettes
Convenience is our motto, but not our goal.
Satisfaction is not guaranteed.
We overcharge, because you pay it.
Convenience is our slogan, but not our misson statement.
BMBC is a conglomeration of ideas from many creators (3) juxtaposed upon the closest thing you call reality (internet). Most everything we offer is on the shelves. Do not ask if we have anything in the back store room. We do not. All the beef jerky in stock is on the shelves. You have entered a small room with only one exit, but many shelves. Dim, flickering fluorescent light casts a pallid glow all about you. There is a smell you cannot identify, and a clerk that once killed two shoplifters that were trying to steal a bag of peppermints and a rolled up copy of last month's Hustler.
The copy of Hustler was reported missing in the police report.

What do you do?...

First, don't panic. He can smell that. At least I think he's a he. Second, you must realize that you are but one small step from truckstop-level content. I'm talking bathroom stall doors hanging on by one hinge, lot lizards, pubes on everything, some weird odor, shriveled hot dogs, Waylon Jennings CDs, fix-a-flat, lube, adult bookstore, wallet on a chain, air freshener, books on tape, $3 sun glasses and no-doze kind of material. It might be rude, crude, lewd, chewed, or stewed. If you attempt to handle any goods, caveat emptor. Use of your internet browser's "Back" button is strongly suggested while navigating this site.
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