What is the purpose of this website?

Sometimes people will pay more for convenience. When big companies take over the internet, content get's repositioned based on market value. Delivering quality content, as well as eggs and cheese, keeps America strong and ultimately the entire human race. Storage of several packages on the shelves keeps them from getting soaked by the flood waters. Rodent population is somewhat in check but the freezers seize up from time to time and we get whole shipments going bad. Deliver your product to the shelf and we can refrigerate, freeze, or just store your dry goods for consumers to see in it's brightly packaged plastic sleeves. Keeps people wanting more, or less.

An assortment of goods with no clear theme. Huddled under fluorescent lighting and gathering dust like the knickknacks they truly are. Unsanctioned and unauthorized, they represent the best and the worst of us. Embodied in the shelf contents are the hopes and dreams of 6 billion people, compressed into the size of a computer monitor and given the wings of a scroll-bar.

Why do I get the feeling of having no purpose or direction when I visit this site?
For that you must look into yourself. Why do the waves of uneasiness wash upon your shores? Why can you not relax in your own bathtub? Give up your robotic self for a moment. Set aside the compounded rules of survival you have built in your head and are constantly glancing towards. For a moment, be alive and free. You may be tempted to think that this website is without order or rules. I say, turn the mirror on yourself. Or at least put down the mirror. You make me uneasy walking around here with a mirror. It's weird.
What are the shelves and how do they relate to me?

The shelves are where the products are stored. And before you ask, the products are refined and condensed manifestations, anomalies, or artifacts of the imagination of a web enabled sentient packaged in either a delicious or dangerous, eye catching or eye gouging format. The shelf is not a space but creates a space. Arrangement can depend on whim, whimsy, color, format, shelf-life, taste, performance, durability or size. Products are potentially created by anyone. If you have a project that needs some shelf space, it could be considered by submitting in email to cogknight@yahoo.com but this is a highly unpredictable process. And possibly instable.

The products have been known to relate to some people. If they did, fantastic. There is no implied warranty, guarantee or filigree. Taken together they coalesce into a disharmonious stew with no rhyme, reason or apparent application. Taken apart, they disolve into a string of bits and bytes that really look funny under a microscope.

How do I contact BMBC?
cogknight@yahoo.com until you have to pay for it, then I am so out of there
Is this going to be one of those interactive web experiences I crave so much?
No, absolutely not.
Where can I find the "Terms of Service" for this rickety excuse for a website?
Knock yourself out. Literally. Please!
What type of system does this website run on? How can I be sure of data integrity?
Since a picture is worth ~1K words, you'd better see for yourself
How do I contact the Webmaster of this...this site.