This will be your first peek behind the scenes of bmbc and the internet. This is where we cook up what constitutes the content you are now reading. As with many construction sites or peering at the man behind the curtain as the wizard of ox would put it, you will find many rough and unpolished structures, unfinished staircases and many places and scenerios where you could die so wear the hardhat ok.

If you have ever been a part of a theater department or drama troupe with serious ideas you know that the actor does not die with the character on the stage. Life is about dress rehersals, makeup, costumes, performance, stunts, regret, and closing night parties. If someone chooses to buy tickets only for the performance we nod at them politely and without remorse, wink at them with the knowledge of make-believe, and take their money. It is fitting to consider your exp here as a dress rehersal for the real performance. Act one is called thinking for the first time and consists of mirrors and smoke and bumping into stage hands in the near darkness pathetically illuminated by a small protruding LED. It is a collaborative and frustrating effort between the mind and your body parts to produce the illusion of interest.