As he prepared for his 2003 trial, Muhammad was "amnesic of the events surrounding the crimes" and thought he was being framed in an elaborate scheme, the attorneys wrote. He believed that he was a prophet and said Malvo discovered an herbal cure for AIDS. He also said the military had trained him in "urban warfare" at "secret schools." The attorneys said that because of Muhammad's brain damage, he has trouble following a logical line of thought and "lacks sufficient ability to distinguish truth from falsity."
Trial by fire
Trial by peers
Forest fire

Investigators made the search after receiving information that 45-year-old Mark Sumrall, who just a few months ago was released from prison on a cocaine conviction, was making meth. Authorities say he lived in an apartment attached to the house. His mother ran a daycare out of the home and took care of nine children, one of which was Mark Sumrall's, according to authorities.

"Very good lady," said Jerry McGee. "I don't think she did nothing what she done. Come on! Somebody's rolling black ball on her, something."