An exciting online game where you become part of the computer!

Have you ever dared to image that you were sucked into a computer world? Where all that surrounds you are the impersonal bits and bytes of personal information whizzing overhead and underfoot. Like something out of "Tron" or "The Matrix". Ever thought such reality immersion would be impossible? If so, then look no further.

Are you ready to take on this exciting challenge? We think not. But strap on your virtual goggles and find a comfortable chair for you are about to embark on the most fundamental core transaction that keeps our technological world humming and beeping. A fast paced game for the fast paced AADD world you live in.

How to play One of the exciting elements to this game is it's portability. Not only is there nothing to download, but you can continue to play the game offline. While other gamers out there are racking up expensive internet charges and/or paying exorbitant monthly fees, PLUSOne is both free and challenging. Easy to master, hard to learn. You simply use the existing system calculator provided when you installed your operating system.

Our Windows users game screen will look something like this

We are pleased to announce Mac compatibility!

Step by step walkthrough

And thats it! You are on your way. Just like the other internet games you love, this one has all the clicking you can muster! And you like clicking. You know that you do.

Compare to other "games"
Other games might require you to invite other "posse members" or network with potential "neighbors" as a requisite for advancing game play. Not PLUSOne. We will unashamedly require you to only do your own work, and reap your own rewards.

Does this look like a realistic playing environment to you?

The controversial K (Constant) function
It has come to our attention that some people have been activating the K function of their calculators to store '+1' as a constant. Although there is no K button visible, hitting '++1' will put the calculator into 'cheat' mode where one only has to hit the equals button repeatidly. We are currently looking into how to block this exploit, and investigating the scores submitted by certain individuals. This hack goes against the spirit of the game and is very disrespectful of the other players. If you are caught using this hack, you will be banned from posting scores to the PLUSOne hall of fame. No exceptions. This is a very competitive game and I know the temptation to get an edge over everone else is great. Please restrain yourself.

Entering large numbers
Special thanks to user thelonious who pointing out to us that some players were simply entering large numbers into the calculator and claiming that they were totals reached by using the approved entry methods. We will soon be releasing a test application that should prevent this unforseen exploit. Below is a screen shot from the beta fix.

Unfortunately, preliminary testing has shown there are still cases when a player can enter '11111111111' and some other similar variations.

Viral hack attempt
In an effort to keep our PLUSOne players up to date with the latest threat to our otherwise stable gaming system we wish to inform you of the recent attempts to hack into our system by distributing imposter software to unsuspecting PLUSOne players. Here are images from two such bogus products.

Consider yourself informed.

PLUSOne Hall Of Fame
This is it, this is where every player wants to see their name. But only the few will make it here. As mentioned before we are having some difficulty in verifying the legitamacy of some entries, so not all names will appear here. Those listed below we believe have played the game fairly within the rule set and are proud examples of PLUSOne over achievers. If you haven't gotten to this list yet, hang in there! Keep trying! Don't give up! Just go for it and put all of yourself into the game. Dedication pays. Now, without futher ado, our true PLUSOne warriors!

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