Welcome, everyone, to the front door of H.A.V.O.C. Inside are many a-wondrous mental treasures and traps. HAVOC welcomes any seeker of truth who is NOT OFFENDED BY OTHER HUMANS' OPINIONS!! The articles and pictures in HAVOC may or may not emit a flash of insight, spotlight the lighter side of a religion/[belief-system] you are currently a devotee of, or just confuse. If you would find either of these three things distasteful, obscene, or just plain bad, I must ask that you respect the intellectual freedom of HAVOC and the rest of the country by leaving these html pages unread and left quietly alone. You can do this by clicking on your world wide web browser's "BACK" button or equivalent. Or you may click on the clearly labeled "SEE YA" button below.

These pages are not the lowest common denominator in pop entertainment.

These pages are not for people who want to be sleep at night with their false sense of security blanket, living up to expectations, running with the crowd, the RIGHT crowd. I'm talking here! If you have ever felt as though you did not belong, did not fit, and then you suddenly found your place amongst the recognition of others and the praise of elders and were truly happy to be scolded and corrected by their knowing/loving hands of wisdom, then get out of here! You are more of a freak than you know.

These pages are not for the disillusioned, unattached, artsy, gothic, apathetic, angst ridden, bleary-eyed freaks of the world.

All other freaks are welcome.

If you have been tricked into worshiping 'matter over mind', get in here quick!

If, however, you find yourself not falling into the above categories, you might want to hit the button here clearly labeled "I DON'T KNOW". Good luck in your decision.

This html document cluster tree was last updated 12/13/1999.
FunFact: The Earth is made up of mostly empty space and empty ideas .

Not tasted on animals.
What do you want? What are you looking for? Have you found it? That's kinda of boring. Try something else. You are in a cavern with many exits. LOOK LEFT You see a long hallway, empty except for a box. OPEN BOX WHAMMO! You were killed by a Level 5 Unix! I believe I can fly! Really, watch....
!splay! Ignore this text, must have been put here by hackers. I don't take no truck with that. I don't cotton to that. I'm gonna put the kybosh on that. Let me pigeon hole you in a Skinner box. Use lots of data lubrication.

So, what are the damages? Death by Unix.
When do we want it? Now!!
I wrote this when I was drunk.
The length of a sentence is exactly as long as it's communication endures. If you don't control life will control you. A gnome approaches. Careful with that axe, Eugene. Flag burning keeps the warmth flowing.
Cheese is the great equalizer.
Gritty Pod! Realize your destiny is not here!
Achtung!! Sighup!!

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