The H.A.V.O.C. Home Page

Welcome, everyone, to my little piece of the world wide web. You may learn something from these pages. You might get a glimpse into a vast realm of confusing lingo and distracting symbolwerk. You could get sucked into a dense tangle of mod-myth and futuristic emotion games. Or you might just wince and delete your bookmark. We have the capacity to see the treasure in a heap of trash, but this is the World Wide Web, baby. We choose to see the trash in treasure sometimes. It goes without saying. On the "Net"©, anything goes, except free speech of course. So try and enjoy the wallpaper.

The following web pages may/may not be graphic heavy. If you find frivilous use of bandwidth to be offensive, you should probably leave now. Data is for everyone. If you suddenly find yourself confused about where the Havoc Home Page ends and the rest of the World Wide Web begins, then join the millions of befuddled computer scientists the world over still trying to figure that one out! But don't gripe.

There are no rules here, and as a result, much chaos. Not chaos in the chaos theory sense, but just chaos. Broken links, usless information, toys in santa's sack. And despite my efforts, many people will still froth at the mouth under the weight of all this crazty thinkin', and dogged randomness, and "Spent shell" technology and down-right synthetic energy emanations and loose brain fog. The fact is, people are afraid to think. That means, take control of something. Gather their wishes and desires up into a bundle and have learned to never let them out to play. I have spent many hours researching the Web™. The result of which was the realization that people like wading through data, so much data that they forget it's all made up, it gives them something to do. So, to keep in the spirit of the "WWW", most of this site is just pure rendered hype. Enjoy!

You stand before,
The Innër-Sänktüm!!

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You dont have to be a chop-bustin æ lovin' zen-like voodoo cyber ninja Jesuit acupuncturist vampire killer pyramid builder Revelations reader planet visitor share holder PI worshiper on caffeine to work here, and no, it doesn't help.

American is the dreamland.  And will always be the dream land.  Unless they figure out how to take the dream away from us.

The HAVOC pledge of allegiance

Make each fork full of potatoes a minature gravy volcano!
Try to turn misfortune into embarrassed, gleeful, longing.
Buy a laser pointer and run the batteries out in two hours.
Hand out lip service like semi-precious jewels.
Shoot a thought out to the infinite, wait for the echo.
Skip to work, nude.
Try to think a thought that makes sense!
Quit whining so much and make pain a game of the senses.
You are a sheep in the flock, do as a good citizen!
Do you have information on nuclear warheads?
Nashville, Tennessee is alive and well thanks to my invisible influence and the help of HAVOC!
You don't really want the truth, now do you?
Use "brainwaves" to scatter cosmic dust throughout the cosmos.
This is the place, now is the time!
The degree to which I answer a question truthfully, is proportional to it's ability to keep me interested.
Anything you can think of is possible, you don't have to figure out how to do it, you just have to figure out how it can make sense for it to have occured.
Symbols fill gaps in your mind with sparks of recognition.
Make me a pot of fresh information.