Are you trapped inside a machine that you helped build?
Unsure of the location of the exit?
Beginning to wonder if the strength you fight to muster up every day
is being directed towards useless goals and empty plots? Are you a square peg that has dreamed of a round hole?
The wunddarcog is a collection of documents written without so much as an aim to get you to think, but to give some solidity to ideas so they may be better scrutinized. It is an attempt at getting us to think. Preferrably new ideas. To wit, this may be viewed as an archive of old ideas that happened in the past. Some of these documents may be hard to digest for people that have already settled into very strict guidelines as to what is and is not believable. Reading these may cause adrenaline levels to rise, a disdainful expression to form on the face, and hateful thoughts to emerge. If any of these conditions already exist, you may find nothing but useless gobledyjunk scrawled here. Perceptions being tainted by expectations and a general unwillingness to examine new and often contrary viewpoints as plausible is not a new condition amongst humans. However, submissions dealing with material in a meta context are welcome to join these.

Due to the nature of the human experience and the experience of human nature people often find themselves slipping into a rut. Examining the same data with the same filters, interpreting the same results, drawing the same conclusions. For some people this is enough to entertain their time while they wait for the grim reaper. For others this causes uneasy feelings of imprisonment and data enslavement. Rather than attacking the established worldly systems of data manipulation and coercion, we have chosen the more productive and less bloody battle of turning the playing field inside out. Starting with the inside of your head. Does this new paradigm of data freedom occasionally produce results that are disturbing? Yes. Shocking? Yes. Unsettling? Sure. Delicious? For certain. If you can stomach the basic training you can help in our war efforts to realize "Freedom of Thought"!

Our battle is clearly defined but our weapons are concealed puzzles and telekenetic distractions. We seek to take over the banks by making them pay us. We reverse health care by drugging the doctors. We destroy the auditors by stacking spread sheets very neatly in the corner. We force restaurants to sell us groceries and make grocers cook us a meal. You may walk into the library one day and notice that the reference section is referencing nothing! You might be walking down the street one day and realize that it goes around the block! We are not asking you to take your shoes off before entering the hotel. But we are putting treats in any unfooted shoes we find.

Fear of difference
Self referential Rock
Proof of God
Simulated Life
2nd amendment
What a debate about the existence of God should not be

I'm coming for you

watch your back, streisand

What is the wunddarcog?
The wunddarcog is a dollar bill, found in the hallway, spent friviously as "found money", but with unexpected consequences. Are you ready to comit?

I am asking the questions here?
You are being intentionally obtuse.

You see what you want to.

The End.