There comes a time in every person's life when it becomes necessary to rock. Just the other day my life had hit just such a moment. Unfortunately, being a novice in all areas concerning rock, I was left with more questions than solutions. Like, I was I supposed to rock? Who should I rock with? How does one go about getting the rock started? And many more. So I turned to the experts in rock to hopefully get some help.

Twisted Sister says

"I wanna rock!"
, which sounds like a similar goal to mine. If they are also on the path to find rock, they may be able to help. With the start of a plan in hand, the next step is to decide how much rocking we want. Scorpions suggest that
"Rock you like a hurricane"
would be sufficient. This seems excessive, but who am I to argue. With our plan now set it is a good opportunity to prepare for the rock to being. We wouldn't want the rock to happen before we are ready. AC/DC gives us a nice
"For those about to rock, we salute you"
send off. And that's me! I am about to rock. I'm starting to get excited now that my rock journey seems at hand. Just as I wonder who will be doing the rocking, Queen let's me know that
"We will, we will, rock you!"
. Fantastic! I know I will be enjoying the rock when it starts. I still have a few logistical concerns about how this rocking is going to go down. But those are soon laid to rest as Van Halen informs me that
"There's only one way to rock"
. I am thrilled to hear that they have it narrowed to such a tight science and surely I will soon know how to do it. But I must be careful. Being new to this rock experience I don't want to over do things. Def Leppard gives the advice
"Rock! Rock! Till you drop"
, but I am not certain that that is sound advice coming from a proclaimed creator of the rock experience. Bad Company let's me know that we can
"Rock Steady"
which somehow eases my troubled mind until I learn that Michael Jackson wants to
'Rock with you'
. But as you can guess by now, I am really ready to have the rocking commence. Elton John has some
"Crocodile rock"
, and whereas this shows some real thinking outside of the box type rock, I am just looking for some regular rock to cut my teeth on. And as if to add insult to injury, Autograph tells me that
things go better with rock
. This I know already. But I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

Perhaps my search for rock is in vain. There seems to be much spirited discussion on the topic, set to music even. Just let me know when the rocking will actually start. Less talk more ROCK!